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Every planet has special attraction. Some planets attract good people while some people attract bad people. A strong gets attraction based on the strong planet in horoscope. Venus and Moon creates intense attraction. Its attraction works as magic.

How to Get Attractive Personality - Astro Upay

Attractive Personality
Venus creates attraction of love and beauty. Moon creates attraction of nature and conduct. Mercury creates attraction of speech and expression. Other planets create common attraction. Shani, Mars, Rahu and Ketu decrease the attraction. Attraction power decreases if any planet is strong. It also creates negative attraction. These planets create defect in people. Negative people attract towards you and good people stay away from you.

One should take care of cleanliness and bath. Use rose fragrance after taking bath. Drink plenty of water. You can also use more liquid food. Use more pink, purple and crème color.

You can see Moon during moon rise. Every day see Moon for 5-10 minutes. Your nature become calm and attraction will increase. See Sun during sun rise for 5 minutes. Your attraction will increase and you will get positivity in nature.

Light ghee’s lamp and see it every day. Your foreboding and attraction increase. You can also concentrate on your idol or dainty picture. Mars is the factor of blood and bone. If Mars is afflicted by Rahu then teeth would be unclear. The good condition of Mars denotes beauty of face and teeth. If there is conjunction of Mars-Jupiter then face would be attractive and eyes are beautiful.

Eyes would be beautiful if Venus, Moon, Jupiter, Sun and Mars are auspicious. Physical appearance can be decided by Venus. The physical appearance would be normal if Shani-Mercury is together. Physical appearance would be attractive if Sun is independent. Body would be attractive if there is combination of Sun-Mars or Sun-Mars-Venus.

Avoid using black and blue color clothes. Do not eat too much spicy food. Worship lord Shiva. Do not waste water. Offer water to the Sun every morning. Chant Gayatri Psalm every morning-evening. Use more light green and blue color clothes. Avoid using red color. It is also beneficial to wear peridot gemstone.

One can donate Venus related stuff to pacify inauspicious Venus. Donate silver, rice, milk and white clothes. You can also chant Durgasaptasati. You can do Kanya Poojan and fast on Friday. You can also wear diamond. One can also wear arkin, white marki, simma, opal, kansala, crystal in auspicious constellation. It is also beneficial to chant “Om Sham Shukarye Namah” or “Om Hrim Shrim Shukarye Namah”.

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