Astro Upay for children's Success - Astrology

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Do you want your kids to get success in mid age? here is moon sign wise astro upay for each sign of children. Do try it.

Astro Upay for Children's Success - Astrology

children's Success
Aries: Children should see Sun every morning. Also, eat jaggery.

Taurus: Children should eat two leaves of basil in morning. Keep away your children from red color.

Gemini: Children should read and listen Hanuman Chalisa. They can use light fragrance.

Cancer: Children should wear silver ring or bracelet. Avoid wearing black color clothes.

Leo: Children should see Sun in the morning. Take care of your food habits.

Virgo: Children should regularly visit temple. Do not give too much money to children.

Libra: Children should see lord Shiva every morning. Children can wear iron ring or bracelet.

Scorpio: Children should wear silver in any form. Parents should give time to their children.

Sagittarius: Children should wear copper ring or bracelet. Parents have to take care of child’s fellowship.

Capricorn: Children should regularly see lord Hanuman. Also, feed little saunf or sugar in morning.

Aquarius: Always keep your children in discipline. Always, feed walnut after brushing.

Pisces: Children should wear silver bracelet or ring. Keep away your children from oil, spices and fast food.

Remedy: It is beneficial to buy wooden stuff on Sunday. This stuff becomes lucky and profitable.

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