Astro Upay for Basic Health Problems (Cold-cough, Skin, Eyes, Bones)

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Cold-Cough: It is usually relates with Moon and sometimes relates with Mars. In these cases, one should avoid awake during late night. Also, wake up early in the morning. Drink water in silver glass. Also, keep silver coin in water container.

Skin: It occurs due to Mercury and partially due to Mars and Sun. Skin problems remain long time when it occurs due to Mercury. In this case, one should offer water to the Sun. Wear brass ring in little finger on Wednesday evening.

Eyes: It is mainly relates with Sun. Sometimes, it relates with Venus. In this case, you should take walk on grass in the morning. Also, avoid chewing nails. If water coming from eyes then you should seat in front of the Sun during sunrise.

Bones: It relates with Sun and Shani. However, other planets are responsible for other body parts. If you get pain in bones then you should wear silver ring in legged thumb. If you get pain in other body parts then you should press below little finger part.

Fever: If one gets more problems then it might be fever. It is not disease. If one gets constant fever then do some remedy to remove toxins from the body. Keep fast on Sunday. Chew basil leaf every morning.

Stomach: Stomach and digestion problem occurs due to Jupiter and Moon. In this case, drink water in copper glass. Regularly wear green color clothes.

Remedy: One should do keep fast once in a week. It keeps you healthy. You should eat watery food on this day. Concentrate your mind in god.

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