Which Planets Attracts What - Check in Astro Upay

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Every planet has special attraction. Some planets attract good people and some planets attract bad people. A person gets attraction based on the strong planet in horoscope. Venus and Moon creates acute attraction. Its attraction works like magic.

Which Planets Attracts What - Check in Astro Upay

Planets Attracts
Venus creates attraction of love and beauty. Moon creates attraction of nature and conduct. Jupiter creates attraction of knowledge and spirituality. Mercury creates attraction of speech and expression. Other planets create normal attraction. However, Sun, Shani, Mars, Rahu and Ketu never create attraction. If any of these planets is strong then capacity of attraction decreases.

Beauty/Glamour: Take care of cleanliness and bath. Apply rose fragrance after taking bath in the morning. Drink plenty of water. You can eat more aquatic food. Use more pink, purple and crème color.

Nature/Conduct: Avoid using black and blue color clothes. Eat less spicy food. Worship lord Shiva. Do not waste water.

Speech: Offer water to the Sun every morning. Chant Gayatri mantra morning-evening. Use light green and blue color clothes. Avoid using red color clothes. You can wear peridot gemstone.

Remedy: Buying new clothes on Wednesday gives you good results. You should start this day by having fennel.

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