Importance and Benefits of Doing Ekadashi Vrat - Astro Upay

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Fast has been done due to scientific reason. It is also kept for some spiritual reasons. According to science, the importance of fast is to keep body healthy. Different dates and days impacts differently on mind and body.

Importance and Benefits of Doing Ekadashi Vrat - Astro Upay

Ekadashi Vrat
Therefore, there is a tradition of keeping fast on different days and dates. Mind and body becomes pure by keeping fast on special days and dates. One can also fulfill his/her desire.

Keeping fast on Navratri, full moon day, new moon day or Ekadashi, is very beneficial. Ekadashi fast is considered the prime and very good. One’s mental and physical condition change due to Moon’s condition.

We can overcome any evil of Moon by keeping fast on Ekadashi. We can also reduce the effect of planets. Ekadashi fast directly impact on mind and body. One get benefits of Ekadashi fast if he follows the rules.

You should keep fast of Ekadashi by having food or nirjal. However, only healthy person should keep nirjal fast of Ekadashi. Other people can eat food or drink water on Ekadashi. You should intake juicy fruits, root vegetable, water, milk or yogurt on Ekadashi fast. You should eat fruits after doing worship in the evening.

You should drink lemonade, after sunrise, in the next morning to finish Ekadashi fast. You can donate food or grains before having food. You should spend maximum time to worship or meditation on Ekadashi.

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