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In astrology, happiness is controlled by Moon. Venus is also responsible for happiness. Every planet and every aspect shows different types of happiness. In palmistry, happiness is measured by palm’s color. Also, head denotes happiness.

How to Get Happiness As per Astrology - Astro Upay

Happiness As per Astrology
Health: In horoscope, Moon and the owner of lagan are responsible. If Moon is weak but Jupiter is good then person get good health. However, if Rahu is weak then person faces health issues. A person becomes victim of vagary. Shani creates problem for long time for good health.

On the above cases, keep fast on Monday. Worship lord Shiva. Donate food on Saturdays. Wear gemstone of the owner of lagan. Keep Kush grass in water and keep it under your head. Take blessing from your parents in every morning.

Job/Business: Shani or Jupiter gives happiness in job or business. If anyone planet is strong then one cannot face problem in job/business. However, if both are weak then one can face many problems for employment. One cannot get job or stability in job due to impaired Shani. If Jupiter is weak then person creates problem for himself.

On the above cases, chant Shani hymn “Om Sham Shaneswaraye Namah”. Do white sandalwood tilak on your forehead. Wear iron ring in the right hand’s middle finger. Keep your kitchen clean. Eat black gram on Saturdays.

Marriage: Jupiter is responsible for happiness in woman’s life and Moon-Venus in men’s life. However, Venus controls the happiness in marital life. Weak Venus and Mars create problem in marital life. If Jupiter is impaired then person cannot get marry.

On the above cases, offer water, mixing turmeric, to the Sun in morning. Chant Visnusahastranam on every Thursday. Wear root of banana tree in yellow color thread in throat. Do swastik with turmeric on the entrance gate of the home on Thursday. Prepare rice Kheer on Friday. Offer it to lord and eat husband-wife.

Wealth: Jupiter and Shani give happiness of wealth. But Venus gives splendor of money. Mars is responsible for happiness of property. Sometime, only one planet gives immense wealth. However, Rahu and Sun creates problem in happiness of wealth.

On the above cases, keep silver swastik in your worship place and worship it. Chant Sundarkand on every Saturday. Leave little place raw in home or keep soil in pot. Keep silver coin in rice in the kitchen. Do not keep too many Ganesha image in the home.

Remedy: Keep water at your worship place. Change old water every day. Health and financial conditions will improve.

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