Extra Astrology Remedies for After Marriage Problems

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Sometime, there is sulkiness between husband-wife. It affects in their marital life. There is lack of friendship in planets. If wife get angry regularly than husband should offer water to the Sun. 

Extra Astrology Remedies for After Marriage Problems

Astrology Remedies for After Marriage Problems
He has to eat food after doing this. If husband get angry then wife should worship lord Shiva on Monday. Donate white products.

Usually, Mars and Sun are responsible for quarrel. In this case, one can take circle of peeple tree on Saturday. Light mustard oil lamp. If husband-wife doing fight then donate black sesame or black urad for three Saturdays. You should take this sesame or urad similar amount of your age.

Usually, Rahu is responsible for extra marital affairs. If Rahu get support of Venus than one face lot of problem. If husband does extra marital affair, than wife should do fast on Thursday. You can free birds from cage on Saturday. If wife does extra marital affair, than husband should do fast on Friday. Feed urad vade to poor people on Saturday.

There would be less attraction or love if Venus is weak. Sometime, it happens due to weak Moon. In this case, wife can light ghee lamp under basil plant every evening. Regularly wear pink clothes. Avoid wearing black color clothes. Husband can wear crystal necklace and yellow color clothes. Avoid or eat less sour and spicy food.

There is no special planet plays role in divorce. However, Sun, Shani, Mars and Rahu plays an important role in divorce. In this case, do fast on Monday. Offer 27 bell patra and water to lord Shiva every morning.

If the matter goes to the court for divorce, then one can go to Hanuman temple for 5 Tuesdays. Offer laddoo in similar amount of your age. Chant Hanuman Chalisa for 11 times every morning.

Remedy: People get success in life if they worship four times in a day.

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