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There are three types of remedies to enchant lord Shani. One is your conduct, second is gemstone and third is psalm. Diet, conduct, thoughts and donate comes in behavior. It is beneficial to wear liquid or air gemstone. However, chanting psalm is the best way. 

Easiest Astro Upay to Impress Lord Shani - Astrology Upay

Impress Lord Shani
Lord Shani can be praised immediately. One can use different psalms of Shani for different problems. One can get more benefits if he clean clear behavior with chanting psalm.

You should chant Shani’s psalm when there is risk of life due to accidents. You can also chant psalm when struggle increases. It is beneficial to chant Shani’s psalm when you don’t get your possession. One can chant Shani’s psalm during Sade Sati or Dhayya.

Anyone can chant psalm of Shani. It is beneficial to chant Shani’s psalm by facing west or east side. Evening or midnight is the best time to chant Shani’s psalm. Rudraksha or rakt sandalwood is the best garland to chant Shani’s psalm. Do not keep lord Shani’s image in the home. It is extremely beneficial to memorize him. You should memorize your idol or lord Shiva before chanting psalm. Do not wear black clothes while chanting psalm. You can wear white or sky blue color clothes.

Keep “Sham” psalm along with you. You can also keep it on your work place. You can chant “Om Sham Shaneswaraye Namah” in evening. Shani never become upset by chanting this psalm. One cannot get his evil effects.

One can chant “Om Pram Prim Prom Saha Shaneswaraye Namah” in Shani’s dasha. It is beneficial in Shani’s dasha. “Nilajansamabhasam Raviputra Yamagrajam. Chayamartandsambhutam Tum Namami Sheshwaram”. It is the Shani’s meditate psalm. You can chant it before starting any worship of lord Shani.

“Suryaputro Dirgh Devo Vishalaksh Shivapriya. Mandchar Prasanatama Pida Haratu Main Shani. It is extremely beneficial in Sade sati and Dhayya. One should chant this psalm for 108 days.

Remedy: We face problems in employment if we arrogate someone’s money. We face problems in our job.

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