Astrology Upay for Skin Problems - Astro Upay

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Skin matter relates with earth element. It is mainly relates with Mercury. Mercury maintains freshness of the skin. Also, Mars and Sun relates with skin. Aries, Gemini and Virgo sign relates with skin.

Astrology Upay for Skin Problems - Astro Upay

Skin Problems astro upay
Mercury: One gets wrinkles on the skin when Mercury creates skin problem. Sometime, skin becomes dry and bad. Skin gets spots and small spots. Usually, Mercury gives skin problem between the age of 08-20 and after the age of 60.

On the above cases, take care of your food habits. Eat only juicy products once in a week. Offer water to the Sun. You can also wear emerald or ruby by consulting an astrologer.

Mars: Mars gives internal problem of the skin. It is the matter of disturbance in chemical balance. One gets spots and marks on the skin. Sometime, Mars give spots or marks due to an accident.

On the above cases, you should drink plenty of water. Sit in sunlight during sunrise. Drink water in copper glass. You can wear coral by consulting an astrologer. Apply coconut oil on infected skin.

Sun: Sun controls melanin in the skin. The color of skin decreases. Skin becomes black, burnt and broken.

On the above cases, offer water to the Sun. Avoid heaving heavy and non-veg food. You should eat juicy fruit and lemonade. You can wear pearl or opal by consulting an astrologer. It is also beneficial to wear silver ring.

Remedy: Avoid making noise while opening-closing the gate. It increases conflict in the home.

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