Astrological Benefits Of Doing Yagna - Astro Upay

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It is beneficial to do Yagna. We can get rid of many health problems through oblation. We can also do oblation (Yagna) for peace, education, enemies and progeny. The burn sugar has power to clean the air. Mix saffron in the mixture of ghee-rice, which is extremely beneficial in plague.

Astrological Benefits of Doing Yagna- Astro Upay

Benefits to Doing Yagna
Meditation is the best remedy to strengthen the planets. Oblation is also beneficial to strengthen the planets. You can do oblation with Madar wood to strengthen Sun. You can do oblation with Palash wood to strengthen Moon. Do oblation with Kher wood to strengthen Mars.

Do oblation with Chilchila wood to strengthen Mercury. Do oblation with Peeple wood to strengthen Jupiter. Do oblation with Gular wood to strengthen Venus. Do oblation with Shami wood to strengthen Shani. Do oblation with Durva wood to strengthen Rahu. Do oblation with Kush wood to strengthen Ketu.

Madar wood is extremely beneficial in diseases. Plash wood is considered to get success in every work. Peeple wood is beneficial for fellowship. Gular wood gives heaven. Shami wood is considered to get rid of curse. Durva is used for long age. Kush is considered to get success in every work.

You can use bell tree wood in monsoon. One should avoid speaking during bath. Do not speak while doing oblation. Do not speak while having meal.

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