Astro Upay to Control Thoughts of Mind

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Moon is considered the planet for mind. Also, Mercury also affect mind at some level. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces sign belongs to mind. In horoscope, the fourth and fifth house belongs to mind. Sometimes, star and date impacts on mind.

Astro Upay to Control Thoughts of Mind

Control Thoughts of Mind
One faces ups-downs of mind when Moon or Mercury is impaired. It also happens when Moon is in high sign. Mind doesn’t remain stable if center house is empty in horoscope. Mind cannot remain stable if you don’t take proper slip. It also happens when there is net in the hand.

Mind remains happy and stable when there is impact of auspicious planets on Moon. It also happens if Mercury is strong. Mind remains happy when auspicious planets are in center in horoscope. Mind remains happy if Jupiter is strong.

One can improve their mind by doing meditation and chanting proper hymn. Mind remains happy if you eat good food and follow proper routine. Offer water to the Sun every morning. Chant Gayatri mantra every morning-evening. Eat simple and pious food.

You can also do fast on Ekadashi. Wear pearl by consulting an astrologer. Do meditation and prayer before going for bed.

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