Palmistry And Marriage - Measure Marriage Time From Palmistry

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Three points can be measured in palmistry for marriage. The first point is straight line under the little finger. It is known as marriage line. The second point is measured based on Venus and Moon mountains. The third point is measured based on Jupiter Mountain.

Palmistry And Marriage - Measure Marriage Time From Palmistry

Palmistry And Marriage
If marriage line is clean and clear then you will easily get marry. Also, one gets happiness in marriage. If marriage line is light or incorrect then you may find problem in marriage. If marriage line is separated then one might get separation. If marriage line is downward then one cannot get easily marry. Also they face problems in their marital life. If marriage line goes on Sun Mountain then one can’t get happiness in marital lie and he faces many problems.

If Venus Mountain is downward or it has net or stars then it creates many problems in marital life. If there is mole or spots on Moon Mountain then one cannot easily get marry. Usually, these two mountains denotes symptom of marriage.

Venus and Moon Mountain become pink during the marriage time. Many small lines go upward. If there is cross or it relates with luck line or life line then person does love marriage.

You can wear silver ring if there are problems under marriage line. You can wear gold and silver mixture ring if you see many problems from marriage line. You should worship lord Shiva and offer Sandalwood if you see negative sign on Venus Mountain. You should keep fast and offer water on full moon day, if you see problems on Moon Mountain.

Remedy: Do not keep mirror near your head or leg in bed room otherwise, you may face isolation.

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