Numbers and Astrology Connection to Planets - Astro Upay

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There is one owner of one planet. This planet impacts on our number. This number is our birth date or our name. Moreover, our vehicle, house and phone number also impact on us. Problems increase due to wrong number.

Numbers and Astrology Connection to Planets - Astro Upay

8th number is Shani’s number. It is full of Shani’s character. It contains infinite possibilities and infinite struggle. It is the biggest number of secrets. People whose birthday is 8, 17 or 26, there radix would be 8. 
Astrology Connection to Planets
If the total of birth date, month or year is 8 then lucky number would be 8. If the total of name is 8 then lucky number would be 8.

8th number directly relates with prenatal desires and Karma. A person spends his life with spiritual. This number increase struggle in life. This number gives good success in physical and spiritual life. But it keeps empty part of the life at one stage. This number gives wonderful results but one should use it carefully.

Avoid the combination of 8th number. Also, try to avoid 4 and its combination. Keep your conduct modest. Never do arrogance. Avoid mania and wrong fellowship. Do not use black magic and wrong methods.

If you’re facing problem due to 8 number then you should use 6 number. Specially, you can use 24 number. Avoid important work on Saturday. Avoid using black and blue color. You can wear opal or pearl by consulting an astrologer.

Remedy: It is extremely beneficial to donate sweet products on Saturday. One can get rid of accident.

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