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There is special point for every sign and planet. This point controls the sign and planet. This point is known as the key of sign. One can get rid of problems by keeping related stuff of that sign. These objects are normal. It gives benefit to us.

Lucky Stuff for each Horoscope Sign

You should keep the stuff in the morning or evening. Clean it with milk and water. Do not change its place frequently. Therefore, you should keep it fixed place. It is beneficial to keep in worship place or money place.

Avoid keeping glass stuff or shell in your bed room. Do not drink alcohol in bed room. You should clean and worship this stuff on full moon day and new moon day. You can use them in special conditions.
(Moon Sign wise)
Aries: Keep vermillion in copper idol or clay lamp.
Taurus: Keep dakshnivarti shell. Do not keep it in bed room.
Gemini: Keep crystal ball in glass.
Cancer: Keep ship or Kaudiya.
Leo: Keep betel in red cloth. Also, you can keep red cloth.
Virgo: Keep Shivaling, which is covered with Janew.
Libra: Keep Shri yantra or crystal ball.
Scorpio: Keep Gangajal in glass bottle.
Sagittarius: Keep Gomati chakra or panchmukhi Rudraksha.
Capricorn: Keep horseshoe.
Aquarius: Keep white stone idol.
Pisces: keep Sea salt.

You can keep water in shell or glass for good health. Keep Shri yantra for financial benefits. Keep green or yellow color pyramid for good concentration. Keep flute or Bal Krishna image for progeny. Keep salt in small glass bowl in every corner of the home, for happiness in the home.

Remedy: Clean the shoes-sandals before wearing it. Luck decreases by wearing dirty shoes.

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