Ink Color and Astrological Benefits of It - Astro Upay

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We used ink in our daily life to write. Every ink color relates with one planet. The ink color strengthens the planets. We can get success in every work if we used right color ink. However, one cannot get success if he don’t use right ink color. 

Ink color and Astrological Benefits of It - Astro Upay

Red: It is the color of Sun and Mars. Therefore, people using red color ink has power. Red color can control the mistakes and improves the power. One can use it when he has to use power.

Blue: It is the ink of intelligent Shani. It relates with person’s intelligent growth. One gets capability to remove problems. This ink is highly used because it relates with wisdom prerace of wisdom. You can use it regularly but avoid using in love and administration matters.

Green: It is the ink of Mercury. It plays an important role in money and decision matters. The regular use of this sign gives you financial stability. Decision power of the person also improves. Green ink gives is beneficial for finance and law field.

Black: It is the powerful ink of Shani. People who use this ink are alert for life, emotions and responsibilities. Black ink should be used by technical and law employees. People who do not have stable mind and doing struggle they should avoid using black ink.

Pink: It controls Venus. It should be used to express emotions. It is beneficial to use pink ink to write poem, story and to express love emotions. You can get success in love matters. You should write with pink color on white paper. However, do not use it regularly as it increases emotions of the person.

Remedy: Keep only one pen for the whole year. Do not give it to others.

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