How to Reduce Your Anger? - Astro Upay

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Moon is the factor of mind. We can decide mind’s situation by Moon. One cannot have control on speech and mind if Moon is impaired. If fire element such as Mars or Sun comes in then person does anger. 

How to Reduce Your Anger? - Astro Upay

Reduce Your Anger
If Mars in exalted sign or its fire element sign then person would be angry. People who born in the afternoon they are also get anger. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius sign people get too much anger.

If palm color’s is red or not clear then person would be angry. If there is cross or knot on Mars Mountain then person would be angry. If there is mole in the middle of the palm or below it then person would be angry. If thumb is small then person get anger easily.

If Mars is in Mercury sign then it takes form of violence. If there is impact of Shani or Sun with Mars then person does fracas or fight. If Mars is strong and Moon is weak then person does loss of himself. A person becomes angry during Sade Sati. A person does crime if there is high impact of Rahu.

One should less use of onion-garlic. Do not eat raw onion and garlic. Eat yogurt in afternoon meal. You can eat juicy fruits. You should keep fast on Ekadashi.

Always keep your kitchen clean. You should arrange proper sunlight in your home. Light sandalwood incense stick in the home. Angry person should avoid staying in Aganeya (Southeast) side.

You should wake up before sunrise and offer water to the Sun. Mix rose water in bathing water. If Shani is prime then you can wear Opal and if Jupiter is prime then wear pearl. You can also wear silver chain in throat.

Remedy: You can start such work, which requires movement or change, on Monday. You can buy vehicle or good on journey.

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