Horoscope Wise Importance of Mercury Planet

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Mercury is smooth and beautiful planet in planets. It is also known as prince. It has earth element and it is the owner of Virgo and Gemini. It is the element of intelligence, concentration, speech, skin, beauty and fragrance. Mercury relates with communication, ear, nose and throat. It gives good memory. Mercury directly impacts on financial condition.

Horoscope Wise Importance of Mercury Planet

Importance Mercury Planet
Currently, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are together in Virgo sign. Mercury is very strong in Virgo sign. Mercury is going to retrograde on 31st August. It remains retrograde for 1 month. It impacts on every sign. It directs impacts to those people for whom Mercury is important. People whose Mercury is weak they face problems.

There might be sudden financial loss. One might face small infection problems. The time is very crucial for financial matters.

Aries: They might face health and debt issues.

Taurus: They might face sudden financial loss and children problem.

Gemini: They have to take care of their health and family life.

Cancer: They might get tension for job and financial condition.

Leo: You have to be alert for cold-cough. You have to take care in money matters.

Virgo: Do not remain careless. You may get tension about your job.

Libra: They might face some problems in important work. Do not remain careless.

Scorpio: You should take care of your health.

Sagittarius: You should take care of your health. Take care in your business.

Capricorn: They might face some health issues. They might face some problems in foreign journeys.

Aquarius: You should take care in financial matters.

Pisces: They face problems in marital life. They also face problems in expenses.

On the above cases, you can eat two basil leaves after doing brush in the morning. Offer water to lord Sun. You can chant Visnusahastranam or Hari Om. You can donate green vegetables.

Remedy: You keep good thoughts for that person with whom you should maintain good relation.

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