Effect of Parents Blessings on Child - Astro Upay

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A child’s luck depends on parent’s luck. Every child’s planet relates with parents. Parents and child’s impact on each other. Sometime, child’s luck is strong that parents situations changes after his birth. Child’s different planet impacts on parent’s life.

Effect of Parents Blessings on Child - Astro Upay

parents Blessings on Child
Moon: Child’s Moon directly relates with mother. If mother’s Moon is weak then child remains ill. Mother also faces health issue. They don’t have harmony with each other. In this case, mother should keep fast on full moon day. She can also worship lord Shiva.

Sun: Child’s Sun directly relates with father. If child’s Sun is weak then he will face eyes and fame problem. His father faces health and financial problem. Child cannot maintain good relations with father and they can’t live together. In this case, father should offer water to the Sun every morning. He can also root red flower in home.

If child’s has bad yoga in his horoscope then it impacts on parents’ life. If there is guruchandal yoga then financial condition of the home would be weak. If there is Shani-Rahu yoga then there might be separation situation in home. If there is Sun-Shani yoga then it is not good for father. Father and son won’t stay together.

Guruchandal Yoga: In this case, child should maintain good conduct. Chant Visnusahastranam.

Shani-Rahu: In this case, you can plant Shami root in the home. Regularly chant Sundarkand in the home.

Sun-Shani: In this case, you should give peace to Shani. Maintain proper sunlight in the home. You can also root peeple tree at public place.

Remedy: You can keep plenty of flowers in the drawing room. You should keep it clean if they are artificial flower. However, you should change them if they are real flowers. It increases your wealth.

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