Astrological Benefits of Different Types of Ganesha idol

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Ganesha chaturthi is celebrated on Bhadrapad’s shukal chaturthi. It is believed that lord Ganesha born on this day. It is also believed that lord Ganesha come on earth and fulfill all the desire of his devotee on this day. This festival is celebrated till Ananat Chaturdarshi.

Astrological Benefits of Different Types of Ganesha idol

Ganesha chaturthi
Different images of Ganesha give different results. It is very auspicious to worship yellow and red color image of Ganesha. Blue color image of Ganesha called as Uchisth Ganesha. It is worshiped in special conditions. Ganesha image which is made from turmeric known as Haridra Ganesha. It is also worship in special conditions and wishes.

Ekdunt Ganesha has shyam color. Its worship gives wonderful results. White color image of Ganesha known as Runmochan Ganesha. Its worship helps to get rid of debt. Four hand Ganesha image known as Sankutharan Ganesha. Its worship removes difficulties.

Trinetradhari, Rakatvarn and ten Bhujadhari Ganesha known as Mahaganehsa. All the Ganesha included in this. One should keep yellow or red color image of Ganesha in the home. It should be medium in size.

You can keep Ganesha image in the afternoon. Also keep kalash. You can keep the image of Ganesha on wooden choki. Keep yellow color cloth on it. Eat watery food or fruits during the day. Worship lord Ganesha in the evening. You should light ghee’s lamp. You can also offer laddoo similar to your age. Also offer Durva to lord Ganesha. Chant Ganesha mantra. Offer water to the Moon with low vision.

You should offer Durva and modak to lord Ganesha. It is auspicious to offer yellow cloth and vermillion. You can also offer yellow flower or fruit necklace to lord Ganesha. You can keep Akhand dipak during ten days of Ganesha chaturthi.

You should wear yellow or white color clothes during chaturthi or worship. Don’t wear black color clothes. Don’t keep big image of lord Ganesha in the home. You can also prepare lord Ganesha image from river’s clay. Do not complete your fast without offering water to Moon. If you see Moon by mistake then donate sacrament. Also donate food and clothes. You can also worship lord Krishna. Do not offer basil leaf to lord Ganesha.

Remedy: You can keep Ganesha at your home for one, three, five or ten days. Always keep soil effigies so that you can do its visharjan.

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