Marriage Connection of Jupiter Planet - Astro Upay

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Jupiter is master in nine planets. The auspiciousness and mercy of other planets are depending on Jupiter. Jupiter plays an important role in marriage. It is the main planet for marriage and marital life for females. It gives an idea of female partner in marital life for men. One can’t leave enjoy their marital life without Jupiter.

Marriage Connection of Jupiter Planet - Astro Upay

Marriage Connection of Jupiter
Woman: A girl can’t get marry without marriage or happy marital life. Woman face problems in getting marry if Jupiter is weak. If Jupiter is impaired then woman get marry and face problems in her marital life. If Jupiter is corrupted then it affects woman’s character. However, if Jupiter is good then it increases the happiness in marital life.

Man: A woman relates with Jupiter in men’s life. One can get details of wife from man’s Jupiter in his horoscope. If man’s Jupiter is weak then his wife creates problem in his life. They can’t get happiness in their marital life.

On the above cases, you should offer water, mixing turmeric, to lord Sun in every morning. Chant Gayatri mantra at least 108 times. You should eat pious food. You can wear opal or yellow sapphire by consulting an astrologer. You should worship going for bed.

Remedy: Do not intake sweet and salted food together. You may face skin problems.

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