Avoid Making Small Vastu Mistakes - Astro Upay

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It is not good to keep your main entrance in the dark place. It also creates problem if the color of main entrance is good. It decreases the good luck of the family members.

Avoid Making Small Vastu Mistakes - Astro Upay

Small Vastu Mistakes
It is not advisable to keep bad or torn pictures in the home. Do not keep dust on the pictures. Also, do not keep too many pictures in the same wall. It increases the conflict in the home.

Do not keep your used clothes and shoes everywhere in the home. You should clean your cupboard. You will face shortage of money. It also increases ups-downs in career.

Do no waste water in the home. It is not beneficial to waste water. It increases health problems. One’s mind also becomes weak.

It is not beneficial to keep old clothes, shoes and unused stuff in the home. It weakens Rahu and increases the disease and tension.

You should maintain proper sun light in the home. Do not keep unused bulb and fuse in the home. It increases stress in life. It also affects children’s condition.

Problems increase if the doors in the home are not open properly. Conflicts increase in the home if the doors are making noise. It also affects the relation of the family members.

Remedy: It is beneficial to wear Tulsi Basil in throat. It removes negative thoughts and energy from the body.

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