What is Bhajan-Kirtan and Benefits of doing Kirtan - Astro Upay

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Every person has one sustention. He tries to find god through knowledge, karma and devotion. However, devotion is the best way to reach to the god. People take support of prayer, kirtan and souvenir to get devotion and concentration.

What is Bhajan-Kirtan and Benefits of doing Kirtan - Astro Upay

Mind becomes very sharp due to devotion and kirtan. Your prayer easily accepted by god if you do meditation after prayer. One gets rid of disease and mental disorders with the help of devotion and kirtan.

In devotion, people remember god. Its effects are normal. While in kirtan, people recite god’s hymn and its effects are amazing. Worship is not necessary after devotion. However, it is necessary after kirtan. Devotion is like a song, while kirtan is special hymn.

Kirtan is very effective when you do it in group of people and for long time. One gets rid of diseases if kirtan is done with dance. One should do kirtan before worship. You should keep your both hands up side while doing kirtan. You have to souvenir god while doing kirtan.

You can do your adoration after kirtan. You have to sing the hymn while doing kirtan. One’s mind become pure and he can get rid of many problems if he does kirtan properly.

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