Importance of Banyan Tree in Hindu religion

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Banyan tree is one sustaining big tree. It is auspicious in Hindu religion. Different tree born from different gods. Banyan tree born from the King Manibhadra. It is believed that saintly can be achieved by pouring water in its root and worshiping it. It is the symbol of Trimurti. 

Importance of Banyan Tree in Hindu religion

Lord Vishnu lives in its peel, lord Brahma lives in its root and lord Shiva lives in its branches. Banyan tree is the symbol of lord Shiva. It is also symbol of creation therefore; people who wants child, they worship it. It is also known as Akshayvat as it stays for long time.

Its shadow directly impacts on our mind and keeps our mind calm. It remains green even in drought. At that time, animals live on its leaves and people lives on its fruits. Milk comes out from its branches and leaves. It is used for tantric activities. Medicine can be made from its peel and leaves. The special worship of banyan tree gives good marital life and children.

Offer water in the root of banyan tree by remembering lord Shiva. Cover black yarn on banyan tree three times on Saturday. Light a lamp near to it and worship it. Do this remedy on Saturday evening. You can also sit under the banyan tree and chant 108 times Shani hymn on Saturday evening. A person cannot face problem of Rahu-Saturn.

You can plant banyan tree. Offer water in the root of banyan tree on every Monday. Chant “Om Namah Shivay” at least 11 rosary. You will easily get child. Take yellow yarn, flower and water and go to the banyan tree. First, light ghee’s lamp, offer water to the root and then offer flower to it. After that, take 9 circle of the tree and cover yellow yarn to it. Worship it for the happy marital life.

Remedy: You should worship at night before going to sleep. It helps you to change your luck.

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