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Our health is decided by Aadi, Madhya and Antya nadi. Our body and mood won’t remain good if all these nadis are imbalance. The position of planet is also responsible for planets. Weak Mercury, Jupiter, Shani and Rahu gives pain in the body. If your fingers have knots on finger then you might face many diseases. If the Saturn Mountain is downward then you might suffer with pain.

Get Relief From Body Pain - Astro Upay

Get Relief From Body Pain
Many people cannot do 2-3 works at same time. They become nervous and get anxiety. If you get too much anger and shouting or you eat anything or you walk in nervousness. You face frequent mood change or you remain unsatisfied due to emotions then you may suffer pain.

Put 10 ratti’s coral in 1 liter mustard oil and heat it. Keep it in glass bottle for 3 days in between sunrise and sunset. Apply this oil in your hair before going for bed. It reduces headache and anger.

You can do Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom, Utanpadashan and Pavanmuktashan to get rid of gas problem. Mix black salt in mattha or buttermilk and drink it once in a day. You can also tie up black color thread in leg’s thumb. You can apply castor oil on your stomach. Children can use asafetida on their stomach to get rid of gas problem.

Grind the kalonji, fenugreek and thyme and prepare its powder. Eat it with lukewarm water before going for bed. If you are suffering with pain, from Shani, then you should eat fenugreek and thyme. Mix camphor in mustard oil and keep it in sunlight for 3 days. Use this oil to do massage on your foot.

Mix 10 gram camphor in 400 gram sesame oil and keep it in white bottle. Keep this bottle on wood for 3 days and apply it on your shoulder. You can eat mixture of Ashgandh and sugar with lukewarm milk at every evening.

You should eat triphala to get rid of Shani and Mercury related problem. You should try to remain calm. Keep control on your anger. You should take 10 minutes walk after having your dinner. It decreases the bad effects of Rahu. You can wear copper bracelet and drink water in copper glass.

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