How to Make Strong Mind - Increases Concentration

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Many people get bad dreams at night. They cannot concentrate on their work. They cannot remember things easily. They face depression.

How to Make Strong Mind - Increases Concentration

Make Strong Mind
If your mind line has, as shown on the above figure, then it is not good sign. It indicates that your brain waves are not good. It is not good sign for children. One cannot understand logic and statistics.

You should use linseed oil. It increases concentration. Your mind becomes sharp. Your memory power will increase. Grind the Shankhpushpi and fill it in one bottle. Take 12 almonds, musk melon, water melon, thin cucumber and its 5 grams seeds. Also, take 2 pistachios, date, 4 elaichi, 5 gram saunf, 1 teaspoon butter and 1 glass of milk. Keep almond, pistachio, date and fruits in 1 cup of water. Rub the almond with 2-4 drops of water in the morning. Then rub the pistachio, elaichi and date. Mix them in almond paste. Chew it properly while eating it. Eat 3 gram shankhavali powder with butter. Drink lukewarm milk on it. At the end, keep saunf in the mouth and suck it for 15-20 minutes.

You should include spinach, cinnamon, Amla and coriander in your regular diet. 1 teaspoon Mandukaparni juice is very beneficial for mind. You can also mix ghee in milk. Put cow ghee drops in your nose. Take mulethi powder with milk. You should do meditation. You should bow your idol for peace of mind. You can chant “Om” while doing meditation. You can drink cow’s milk. You should intake Brahmi every day.

Do not eat sugar in much amount. Do not get shortage of water in the body. Take jatamashi, Brahmi and saffron, mix them in cow’s milk and apply it on your head.

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