Father-Son Relation Depends on Sun-Saturn Relation - Astro Upay

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Sun is the king of the planets and it is the factor of spreading light in the world. Shani is the servant of the planets and it mainly relates with darkness. Therefore, the connection of light and darkness gives weird results.

Father-Son Relation Depends on Sun-Saturn Relation - Astro Upay

Sun-Saturn Relation
Sun is the father of Shani and Shani keeps enemy sense with Sun. Therefore, this combination is father-son as well as enemies. This combination directly impacts on relation of father-son, marital life, health and fame-prestige.

This combination is not good for father-son relations. If this combination is in horoscope then it creates problem. If Shani is not too bad then there would be conceptual differences but if Shani is very weak then there might be separation in relations.

On the above case, put sesame in water and offer it to Sun in the morning. Light a mustard oil lamp under the peeple tree on every Saturday. Chant “Dashrath Krut Shani Strot” on every evening.

The combination of Sun-Shani decreases the trust between husband-wife. They have to suffer and give pain to each other if the yoga is in horoscope. If the Sun is strong then they do fracas and violence. If the Shani is strong then they get separation after many problems.

On the above case, a person who has combination of Sun-Shani in horoscope, he/she has to light ghee’s lamp under basil plant on every evening. Chant “Namah Shivay” for 108 times in morning-evening. Donate wheat and jaggery on every Sunday.

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