Astrology Upay for Strong Ketu

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In astrology, Ketu is considered as shadow planet. It is coordinated with Sun and Moon. It works as Mars if it is alone in horoscope. However, if it makes combination with other planets then it increase the benefits of that planet. 

Astrology Upay for Strong Ketu

Upay for Strong Ketu
Ketu is the factor of deep knowledge, spirituality, absolution, causal results, violence and accidents. Ketu revels your prenatal secrets. One should about his position of Ketu to know his capacity.

A person becomes lazy when Ketu is weak. There would be lack of energy in him. He doesn’t like to work. They do not like to take bath. People face blood disorders. They get bad dreams. They avoid spirituality and good work. People sleep at late night when Ketu is weak. He makes mistake and try to hide it.

A person is lazy at the early stage of his career. But later on he becomes disciplined. He has good pronunciation and he love to travel spiritual places. They have good interest in religion, spirituality since childhood. Their intuition power increases if they get good support and direction. They create good examples and become mentor for the society. A person become intelligent and sparkling if Jupiter is strong with Ketu. He become courageous if there would be conjunction of Shani-Mars with Ketu.

You can chant Ketu hymn to get rid of its problem. You can donate black blankets on Saturday. Donate big clothes in summer. Offer coconut in lord Bhairva temple. You can wear gemstone of Jupiter or Venus by consulting an astrologer. You should wake up early in the morning and offer water to the Sun. Avoid drinking alcohol and do not cut the plants. You can do tilak of sandalwood, basil and saffron. Never spoil water sources.

Remedy: Do not keep bamboo plant in the home. It increases diseases and poverty.

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