Yogurt and Paneer Can Cure many Health Problems

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Yogurt and paneer are very useful for the health. It is not good to eat paneer if Venus is impaired. Paneer contains protein, calcium, vitamin B2, B12 and vitamin D. Paneer strengthens the bones of children, pregnant women and old age people.  

Yogurt and Paneer Can Cure many Health Problems

Yogurt and Paneer
Paneer cleans the acid and sugar from the teeth. Paneer gives power to the body to fight against diseases. Stress can be reduced by having paneer before bed time. It also strengthens the Venus.

However, you should avoid having paneer before bed time if Venus is impaired. Weak Venus increases fat in the body. It also increases the cholesterol level in the body. You should avoid having paneer if you want to reduce your weight. A person won’t have attraction on face if Venus is impaired. Paneer contains vitamin B, which increase the glow of the skin.

Daily consumption of yogurt keeps you away from intestine and stomach problems. Yogurt has bacteria, which produces lactose bacteria. Yogurt is very effective to reduce obesity. It has high amount of calcium, which strengthens the bones. Tooth, nails and muscles work properly due to daily consumption of yogurt. Piles patient should drink buttermilk mixing thyme after lunch.

You can apply sour yogurt on your face to get rid of pimple or acne problems. You can apply sour yogurt on neck to remove blackness. You can also mix gram flour in yogurt and use it to get rid of body odor. It also clean your skin and makes it shiny. 

You should use yogurt in panchamrut. It is very useful to cure any type of disease. Moon related problems can be cured by having yogurt. You should take bath with yogurt when Venus is impaired. You can offer yogurt in worship to strengthen Venus.

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