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Things that Imporve Love/Relation
Amethyst: It is light purple color’s transparent stone. It is believed that valentine saint was wearing it. Do not wear it without consulting an astrologer. However, you can keep it with you. You can also give amethyst gift to anyone. If you have phobia of losing your love then you can keep amethyst along with you. You can get happiness in your marital life by keeping amethyst stuff in your bedroom.

Pink Color: It is considered as a color of love. If it is dark then love would be deep and close however, there is no charm in love if it is light. You can use pink color’s curtains, bed sheets and clothes to increase love in your relationship. However, do not keep pink color’s wall as it increase sexual enjoyment. It is extremely beneficial to gift pink color clothes to improve love relationship.

Orange & Lychee: These fruits increase love. Normally, these fruits strengthen Venus and Moon. You should eat these fruits if you feel lack of love in your life. Husband-wife should eat Lychee. It strengthens their trust. You can gift oranges as gift in love relationship but never gift Lychee.

Almond: It relates with love. You can gift almond-honey or almond-mishri to strengthen love relationship. Husband-wife should feed almond to each other to improve their relationship. Never try to eat almond without chewing otherwise your speech become harsh. If you’re facing problem in your love relationship then keep one almond and honey in glass bottle.

Tuberose: It is considered amazing symbol of love. Love relationships become stronger by gifting this flower. Do not cover this flower with plastic or any other stuff. Lovers should cover it with pink cover while giving to each other. Life partner should cover it with red cover while giving to each other. Do not keep tuberose in your bed room.

Remedy: Do not gift glass stuff in love relationship. Otherwise, it creates problems in your love relationship.

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