Take Care of your Eyes with Astro Upay

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Many people face eye problem in summer. This happens due to dust, sweat, hot air, heat and bad lifestyle. It also happens due to bile, cold, wrong food habits and lack of vitamin A. Eye problem occurs due to lack of sleep and watching more TV.

Take Care of your Eyes with Astro Upay

Take Care of your Eyes
You can rub the palms and put it on your eyes. Remove the hand from it and blink your eyes rapidly. Open your eyes slowly. You can do mediation to improve your vision. Drink plenty of water. Do not see in sharp heat. You should use good spectacles/goggles.

You can blink your eye lids. You can move your pupils. You should do massage on your eyes. You can do Ardhmatsheydrash, Ustradashan, Dhanurashan, Hastpadoaashan, Halashan, Sarvangashan and Shirshashan. You can wash your eyes with cold water or triphala.

Take almond, saunf and mishri in equal amounts. Grind all these and prepare powder of it. Keep it in glass bottle. Take this mixture in 10 gram with 250 gram milk for 40 days. Do not rub the eyes if sweat fall into the eyes. Clean it with clothe and wash it with clean water. 

Do not eat corn flour, sugar and more oily food. Do not eat too much tea, coffee and chocolate. You can eat sprout green pulse. Do not take stress. Do not read or watch television while sleeping.

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