How to Get Proper Sleep - Astro Upay for Sleep Disorders

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It is necessary to have good sleep. One should avoid sleeping during a day. However, one should take 7 hours sleep at night. Mental disorders increases if you wake up till late night. Your mind becomes weak. It is necessary to take sleep according to seasons. Cough and bile increases due to sleep during day.

How to Get Proper Sleep - Astro Upay for Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders
You should keep your hand on naval while sleeping. Keep your mind fresh and happy. You can get rid of mental disorders by worshiping before bed. Do not keep mobile, laptop and watch near your head while sleeping. One should keep his head on south side and leg on west side at the time of sleep.

One should avoid keeping his head on north side. North side has positive waves while south side has negative waves. It increases stress in the mind. People who shrink their body during sleeping they feel insecurity. They do not trust on their well wishers. In this case, you should live with good idols. It strengthens the Moon, Jupiter and Venus.

On the above cases, grind the watermelon seeds and poppy seeds. Mix it in one teaspoon water and drink it. It removes headache and stress. It provides good sleep at night. You can do yoganindra. It helps you to get rid of bad habits. It is helpful to get rid of blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, headache, stress, insomnia and depression. Woman get good child if she do yoganindra during pregnancy.

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