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What will your Child do, Job or business? Here is horoscope wise description of your children's career. Do check out about astrology tips, horoscope wise Career Selection.

Horoscope wise Career Selection - Astro Upay

Horoscope wise Career Selection
Aries: Sun does assessment their career. It is beneficial to make your career in medical and administration. They are likely to do job because of Saturn. Business is not suitable for them.

Taurus: Mercury creates confusion and they choose wrong career. Commerce is the best education for them. They do job during the initial stage of their career however they earn money on based on their knowledge at later stage. They get more success in speech and consulting.

Gemini: Venus and Saturn assess their career. Medical, management, marketing and law is the good field. They like to work independent. They face many problems in job.

Cancer: Mars and Moon assess their career. They have many opportunities for their career. They get good job in medical, education, music, film, media and art. They can get good benefit if they do business like job.

Leo: Jupiter and Venus assess their career. Sometimes they work opposite field of their education. They do normal job. Land, food products and wooden business are good for them.

Virgo: They have good memory of Mercury and they are good businessman. They get good success in finance, chemical, clothes and jewellery. They can do different business at one time. They can do only management job.

Libra: Saturn, Mercury and Venus assess their career. They do job in engineering, journalism, education or law fields. Sometimes, they choose glamour field after the age of 45. They often change their job and business.

Scorpio: Moon, Jupiter and Sun assess their career. They get more benefit in education and media fields. They become good doctor and journalist.

Sagittarius: They have ability to governance. It is beneficial to study for art and work in administration field. They do job in police, administration, army or technical.

Capricorn: Mercury directly impacts on their career. It is beneficial to do business for them. Finance, consulting, water, iron, coal and petrol business are good for them.

Aquarius: Mercury decides their education and Saturn-Mars decides their career. Commerce, law and engineering field are good for them. They do not do job for long time. They get more success in business.

Pisces: Moon and Mars decides their career. They get more success in job. Medical, education, service and marketing fields are good for them.

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