Astrology Effects to People Speak Lie - Astro Upay

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The second, third and eighth house of horoscope relates with speech. Mercury is also considered as main planet for speech. Jupiter controls the speech sometime. People speak lie or their speech would be harsh when these houses become weak. If inauspicious planets set on these houses then person speak lie.

Astrology Effects to People Speak Lie - Astro Upay

If there is impact of Saturn then person always speak lie. However, if Jupiter would be strong then person speech improves a lot. He speaks lies but it would be helpful for others. 

A person has to face financial ups-downs when he speaks lie. He faces problems in social life. He does struggle unnecessarily. He also has to face issues relating to property and money.

Jupiter becomes weak if one speaks lie. Rahu become strong if one speaks lie. It increases struggle in your life. A person trapped in his own problems.

On the above cases, you should offer water to the Sun. Chant Gayatri mantra on every morning-evening. Apply white sandalwood on your throat after taking bath. You can also wear yellow sapphire or emerald by consulting an astrologer. Avoid having non-veg food.

Remedy: You should take breath inside when you come out from air conditioner. Breathe out after few seconds once you come out from the room. It protects you from the cold-cough.

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