Ways to Earn Money via Your Luck Line

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One cannot satisfy with money. It is very important to earn money. One gets money if the luck line is straight and clear. People cannot get money if there is no luck line. They have to work hard for getting money. Some people have broad-flat palm and they do not have luck line. They depend on others due to money for long time. 

Ways to Earn Money via Your Luck Line

If the palm is small and thin a person gets money slowly. They get money after getting married or first child. People get money if the fingers and palm are equal, hands are thin and soft and they have light luck line.

It is necessary to have to strong sun line to become billionaire. There should be clear sun line on Sun mountain which comes in the middle of the palm. The Venus Mountain should be upward and such lines meet life line then you become billionaire. If such lines starts from Moon Mountain and goes towards Venus Mountain and vice versa or if one has clear and dark luck line then he become billionaire.

One can chant Shri Shukat to get rid of financial problems. If you’re money is wasted by others then you should chant Gajendramoksha for 3 times on Thursday. You can also do this remedy to get your debt.

Moon and Mercury are necessary planets to get money. Saturn and Jupiter are necessary planets for stability of money. Sun is necessary planet to use money in right way.

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