Problem of Heat in Summer - Planets and Horoscope

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Season and planets are related with each other. Some seasons are favorable to such people. They face problems in other seasons. If someone’s Moon is very strong or it is in first or second house then they face problems in winter.

Problem of Heat in Summer - Planets and Horoscope

Problem of Heat in Summer
If someone’s Sun is strong then he gets prestige. But if Mars is also strong along with Sun then they face problems in summer. Many people get blood pressure. One should take care of Sun and Moon when summer starts.

Many people feel too much heat in summer. Many people get irritation in summer. Their weight might decrease. Many people face stomach disorders and acidity. Some people suffer with fever. Body temperature increase when Sun enters in Pisces sign. People get more sweat and their stomach also get disturbed.

They also face constipation. Blood comes out in toilet when Sun is impaired. Some people face shortage of water, therefore; they get dehydration. Some people get too much irritation and anger. People face hair fall problem when Sun enters in Pisces sign. 

If anyone faces these issues then it indicates that their Sun and Moon are impaired. The problems increase if Sun and Mars are together. There would be lack of concentration and one might get pain in legs.

One should live in the vicinity of mother and drink plenty of water to strengthen the Moon. Drinking too much water in summer keeps you healthy. The concentration level and mood remain good if Moon is strong. You can also drink milk mixing cardamom twice or thrice in a day. 

One should drink water before half an hour of going toilet. It strengthens your Sun and you can get rid of liver problems. You can also mix sugar or eat sweet stuff to increase the energy of water. However, diabetic patient and small children should avoid this measure.

Never stop toilet if your Sun and Moon are impaired. One should go toilet before going bed. One should wash his legs in summer however, do not wash it immediately after having your meal. Do not drink water immediately when you come home in summer. You can also use Khas and mint. It is necessary to remove toxins from the body in summer.

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