Permanent Solution of Mumps Infection - Astro Upay

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Mumps is a viral infection, which gives pain in throat and teeth. One also gets fever due to mumps. People get swelling in teeth, throat and cheek. The bottom part of cheek becomes red and one get pain. Mostly men faces mumps problem. Mumps occurs when any planet is impaired in Taurus sign or Venus is impaired.

Permanent Solution of Mumps Infection - Astro Upay

People may get inflammation in throat and cheek due to weak Venus. They might suffer with pus. Children who suffer from mumps problem in their childhood they face problems in their marital life. Men face problem in progeny due to weak Venus. Therefore, one should take care of mumps. Aries, Scorpio and Pisces lagan should remain alert in mumps.

If the palm is small and soft or mole-spot on Venus Mountain and it is also downward then children might face mumps. In this case, you should wake up during sunrise and do not awake till late night. Do not eat too much food at once. You should avoid drinking less juice. However, you can eat fruits. Mix 2-3 drops milk of banyan tree in one batasha and eat it.

One should avoid having chili especially when you are facing problem in progeny. You should eat sago once in a week. One should do these remedies at least 5-6 years for good result. You can do these remedies in any season. People might face thyroid problem in later age. They might face obesity problem. In this case, you take control on your weight.

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