Mangal Dosh which Spoils Marriage and Relationship

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If Mars is in first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house then he would be manglik. If it affects seventh or eighth house then also a person would be manglik. There is difference between manglik and Mangal dosh. There would be no harmony between father and brother. 

Mangal Dosh which Spoils Marriage and Relationship

There would be delay in marriage. One gets threat of separation in marriage. One cannot get proposal for the marriage. There would be conflicts between husband-wife after marriage. They cannot give respect to each other.

If there would be gap, as shown on the above figure, between mind line and life line then it is not good. In this case, people face problems in getting marry. They also face problems after marriage.

If such lines, as shown on the above figure, cuts the life line then it creates Mangal dosh. If there are too marriage lines and such lines cut it then it is the sign of Mangal dosh. If marriage line comes down then do not expect happiness in marriage.

On the above cases, one should match horoscope before marriage. Chant “Om Aam Angarakaye Namah” regularly. Do not eat red chili. If you’re getting severe headache then you should wear copper ring in ring finger on Tuesday. You should serve mother, saints and monkeys. You can also wear hard silver ball on Tuesday. You can also serve your nephews and niece. Keep 5 red bricks in pottery and hide it at deserted area. You can also build wall at any worship place, hermitage or workers home. Control on your anger and do not leave alone.

It is believed that female’s Mangal dosh ends at the of 25 and male’s Mangal dosh ends at the age of 28. However, it is not true. Put batasha in red clothe and keep it in front of Hanuman on Tuesday. It increases happiness and harmony between husband-wife. Husband-wife should do remedies for Mangal dosh if their blood group is O.

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