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Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are related with tongue. They are also responsible planets for speech. Style of speaking can be identified by Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Tongue can show the condition of food pipe, intestines and stomach. The seven different parts of tongue can show the condition of stomach.

Identify Diseases from Tongue - Astro Upay

Identify Diseases from Tongue
The tongue would be fine if Mercury is good. It gives versatility and activeness. Their pronunciation would be clear. If Jupiter is heavy on tongue then it would be big and people speak slowly. They stumble if they start speaking fast. If Venus is good then one’s eye speak more rather than tongue. It happens because they have more cough on their tongue. They speak slowly and waving.

The tip of the tongue is very sensitive. It denotes intestines and muladhar circle. One can know about the person’s spirituality by this tip of the tongue. The thickness, skin and white layer of the tongue denotes intestines, stomach and muladhar circle.

The outer layer of tongue denotes toilet. It also denotes infection. The pink or blue spots on the tongue denote urine infection. The middle part of the tongue denotes small intestine. It indicates stomach disorders. If the digestive system is weak then there would be white layer on the middle of tongue.

The last part of the tongue indicates the gall bladder and stone conditions. The last part is affected by Rahu and Jupiter. If you get blueness or white layer on the last part of the tongue then you might suffer from gall bladder problem. The last part of tongue denotes digestion system and liver. One should take care of their food habits in this condition. There might be problem in food pipe if you have sores on starting of the tongue.

Palate shows the blood pressure when Mars and Moon are impaired. Palate also shows the snow fills and white blood cells. People face cold and catarrh.

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