How to Have Control on Your Voice - Astro Upay

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It is necessary to have control over speech. Speech is very important for good career. Speech impacts on our planets and planets impacts on our speech. Second, third and fourth house denotes person’s speech and thoughts.

How to Have Control on Your Voice - Astro Upay

Control on Your Voice
A person speech become harsh if his second house is weak or any inauspicious planets affects the second house. People get money and friends due to second house. One should take care of his speech if Sun, Mars, Saturn or Rahu affects the second house in horoscope. Second house gives money, family, prestige, intelligence and knowledge.

If second, fourth, fifth, ninth and twelfth house are strong or they has impact of auspicious planets then their words become true. One should use the language properly. You have to think before speaking.

One should strengthen Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. People can flow coal in running water. You can donate silver. You can hide the silver at deserted area. Take broad wooden vessel and put oil in it. See your own eyes in oil and chant Argala Strot. People speak too much when Mercury is strong and it affects second and eighth house in horoscope.

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