Will you get Fame/Name or Not ? - Astro Upay

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Many people do not get attraction. They have enough money and power. However, they do not have prestige. Fame and defamation directly relates with planets. People whose second, fourth and eighth house are strong then they get fame. People get fame-prestige in their home if their second house is good.

Will you get Fame/Name or Not ? - Astro Upay

get Fame/Name
People get fame-prestige in their laws house if their eighth house is good. People get everything even though less work if their Sun, Moon and second house are good. One can’t get happiness from child if fifth and seventh house is impaired.

If Mars is impaired then one can’t get happiness from their siblings. In this case, you should avoid interfering in their work. People who have impact of Rahu, Saturn and Mars or Sun is impaired their speech would be harsh. They hurt others and do not give respect to them. Do not criticize others.

If you have such lines, as shown on the above figure, then people don’t get happiness from their parents and society. One can’t get respect from his sister if Mercury is impaired. One can’t get paternal property and happiness if Mars is impaired.

On the above cases, one should keep basil and sunflower plant at your home. Do not drink water in glass cup. You should use silver or copper pots to drink water. You should feed cow and birds. Flow nail and coconut in running water on new moon day. Do not use salt on Sunday. 

Chant Aaditya Hriday Strot every day. Donate watermelon in the amount of 10 part of your weight. You can intake black cardamom. Keep such plant in your home. Give saunf and mishri in copper or silver pots to those whom you want to impress. Use white color flowers in your home. Turn off your stove by sprinkling milk on it.

One should give respect to their children, son in law and daughter in law. Otherwise, you might face pitrudosh. One can’t get happiness in their home if Rahu is strong. In this case, you should give respect to every member in your family.

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