Saturn Improves your Skin - Astro Upay

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When Saturn become impaired then it divest attraction from the body. It eliminates spark and personality of the person. Memory becomes weak when Saturn is impaired.

Saturn Improves your Skin - Astro Upay

When you get spots, as shown on the above figure, then Saturn will affect your skin and face. People won’t impress from you.

If you have spot under the middle finger, as shown on the figure, then your body becomes dull. It affects your RBC (Red Blood Cell). You might get dark circles under your eyes. There would be lack of oxygen in the body. Skin becomes dull.

If there are small lines under middle finger, as shown on the above figure, then you have to be very careful. Your face becomes oily. You face acne problem. There would be wrinkles on your throat. People get mole on their body. You might look depress. Your confidence decreases. You do not like to talk others.

If you have such line, as shown on the above figure, then it may harm you. It affects your relations. Your bones become weak. You face sticky nose problem. People get stains problem on their skin. It indicates that there would be shortage of water in the body due to Saturn. Cough will increase. People feel insecure and they get anxiety. In this case, you should consult your doctor.

On the above cases, eat flour halva on Sunday. You should prepare in pure ghee. Donate mustard oil on Saturday. Avoid such food which creates gas. Donate rice on ekadashi. Drink plenty of water in silver glass. Chant “Om Sham Shaneswaraye Namah” before sunrise or after sunset.

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