Saturn Gives Punishment as well as Good Results too - Astro Upay

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A person works in his life and get results. It is in the hand of Shani. Lord Shiva has given the rights to Shani to punish the people. Therefore, Shani makes justice and gives punishment. Our Karma is responsible for every problem. So, we worship Shani dev to reduce the effect of Karma. One cannot get job or run it without Shani. Therefore, many people worship Shani in threat. 

Saturn Gives Punishment as well as Good Results too - Astro Upay

Shani is the son of Lord Sun. He born due to conjunction of Chaya and Sun. Shani would not tolerate Sun’s light therefore; he gets black color. Sun did not accept his son when he born. Shani could not tolerate this and since then he becomes enemy of Sun.

Shani is the devotee of Lord Krishna. One day, Shani dev was doing meditation of Shri Krishna. His wife went to him for child but he could not give attention to her. His wife has given curse to him that whoever get his eye he will lose everything. Since then, his vision becomes destructive.

Lord Sun asks Hanuman to explain Shani. But Shani did not listen him and did war with Hanuman. Hanuman defeated Shani and he got injured. Hanuman gave oil to Shani to get rid of wound and pain. On this Shani said whoever pours oil on him, he won’t create problem. Since then, people pour oil on Shani.

Shani is the icon of darkness. Usually, it becomes stronger after sunset. A life becomes difficult when Shani is impaired. In this case, light a lamp on Saturday evening. It removes difficulty and problems from life. However, you should light a lamp in the evening. Don’t light it during day. Otherwise, you won’t get desire results.

Keep your behavior and conduct clean. Do not cut green plants and trees. You can worship lord Shiva or Krishna. If Shani is deadly then you should worship lord Hanuman. Light a lamp on Saturday and donate anything.

Remedy: Do not eat food or drink water while standing. It affects your health.

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