Lord Ganesha Helps to Remove Life Problems

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There are three types (health, ideological and financial resources) of problems in family. At times, conflicts increases so much that family may get separation. It is necessary to have strong family. 

Lord Ganesha Helps to Remove Life Problems

Lord Ganesha
Therefore, husband-wife should work together. Lord Ganesha can help to get rid from family problem. You should keep Ganesha image at your home. The image should be metal or clay.

Do tilak of sandalwood to lord Ganesha every day. You can light sandal, google and camphor incense stick. Keep water in front of him. Do not keep the image or idol of lord Ganesha on the entrance gate of your home. However, you can use sketch or Yantra of lord Ganesha on the entrance gate.

Children can chant “Om Gum Ganapatye Namah” if they can’t concentrate on their study. People can also get good position by chanting this hymn. You should loudly chant the hymn when you are in a group. 

But when you are doing mediation then you should chant it in mind. It is extremely beneficial. Lord Ganesha is the owner of material happiness. His mouse is the symbol of all badness of the world.

Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu become calm by worshiping lord Ganesha. One can get rid of any problem by worshiping lord Ganesha’s Atharvashish Path. Ganesha sits on Muladhar chakra. Three life veins start from Muladhar chakra. The health becomes good and bad from this chakra. It also balances Sun and Moon.

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