Auspicious Vs Inauspicious Impact on your Life - Astro Upay

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Everyone gets signal of incidents, which happens in their life. If these signals are positive then it is auspicious and if they are negative then it is inauspicious. It is also indicated in Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

Auspicious Vs Inauspicious Impact on your Life - Astro Upay

Auspicious Inauspicious
Shakun and Apshakun do not create any auspicious or inauspicious impact. It just indicates that whether you get support from luck or not. Sometimes it directly gives signal or sometime they give indirect signal.

One should understand auspicious and inauspicious when any signal occurs suddenly. If one get such signals continuously then it is very true. Many times we take such signals good or bad but it is not true every time. Signals related with god-goddess are also not auspicious or inauspicious ever time.

It is signal of obstacles if mirror broken suddenly. It is beneficial to see dead body, fish or betel leaf while going on journey. It is indication of obstacles if you see milk or empty pot while going on journey. It is signal of failure if you close wrong buttons of shirt. It is signal of new relationship if you see hairpin, button or handkerchief while going outside. It is signal of success if you hear voice of bell or shell while talking with someone.

One can overcome from bad luck through their will power and discretion. One should chant Hari-Hari or Shiva-Shiva if they get signal of inauspicious. One should stop for few minutes while going on journey if they get signal of inauspicious. One can keep broken mirror in paper and throw away to avoid bad luck. You can also offer betel leaf or Tulsi to god to avoid inauspicious. You can also chew it.

Remedy: Do not donate your old clothes without washing. Otherwise, your luck also decreases.

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