Astro Upay to Reduce Tension and Depression

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Nowadays, many people do suicide. They do not get success or they fail to achieve their goals. They become victim of stress and depression. 

Astro Upay to Reduce Tension and Depression

Tension and Depression
Their hormonal disturbance creates problem for them. People cannot take stress and depression if their Sun or Moon is impaired.

Sun gives will power. One cannot do work with honesty, on time and discipline if his Sun is impaired. Their concentration level is weak. They have less energy. They cannot do work with stability. One cannot get prestige/fame due to impair Sun. They can’t face others due to their weak personality. They easily get stress. They do not have self confidence.

Parents should avoid comparison. People want too much care with authoritarian when Moon is impaired. People who has weak Moon and Sun they does suicide. A person would be soft when Moon is weak.

Nowadays, many children face blood sugar, hormonal disorder and blood pressure at early stage. Moon is responsible for these diseases. People get irritation, anger and mood swing when Moon is impaired. They heart is pounding in small matter. They cry in little things.

On the above cases, one should do meditation. You can intake Ashwagandha. You can drink water in silver glass. They can also intake grapes. Parents should go for a walk with their children when they are in stress. Try to stay with good people. Mix camphor in oil and do massage on your head. You can use olive oil, Amla oil and rosemary oil. You should worship your dainty.

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