Sings of Lazyness on your Hand - Palmistry - Astro Upay

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Nowadays, children easily get lethargy. Their mentality change easily. They are doing less physical activities. They become weak. You can check children’s lethargy from his palm. 

Sings of Laziness on your Hand - Palmistry - Astro Upay

Sings of Laziness on your Hand
You can press his palm and if it soft under the thumb or below the last finger or fingers is small compared to hand then he might become victim of lethargy.

If the palm are soft and fingers small then you should take care. It increase cough in your body. You don’t like to work. You might face heart and sugar problem. Fat also increases in your body.

Children would like to eat more food. They do not like to work because obesity increases. They are not alert and lazy. Their movement of waist is weak. Their shoulder bow on front side or back side when they walk. They do not like to run. They do not give quick response. It affects his/her health.

You should intake Amla, Aloevera, black pepper, lemon or orange, basil leaf, black cumin, nutmeg, black cardamom every day. You should drink tea without milk. Do not drink water while having meal. Do not eat your meal at late night. Do not eat your meal in parts. Wash your legs before going for sleep. You should do Bhastrika after wake up in the morning.

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