Palmistry Helps to Find Weak Mind Lines

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Nowadays, many people suffer with stress. They do such work even though they don’t want to do. One can about their mind situation by palmistry. When thumb moves towards finger then it indicates that your mind become weak. 

Palmistry Helps to Find Weak Mind Lines

Palmistry Helps to Find Weak Mind Lines
You won’t be able to take responsibility. You cannot concentrate on your work. You frustrate easily.

If your fingers are moving inside or your fingers bend while working then it is indication of malaise. You take time to complete your work. People find difficulty to remind such things. People who are in creative writing they should take care of this symptom. 

In this case, you should drink warm water with one lemon. You can also eat orange and Amla. Try to avoid constipation. You can press the below part of nose. Do massage with oil or sandal in the center of forehead.

Apply mustard oil on the top of the thumbs and massage it. It increases your memory power. You can focus on your work. You can take stress and get rid from problems. Keep your fingers on the neck, exactly behind ears, and press slowly and massage it. Your consciousness will increase.

Apply mustard oil on top of first finger, middle finger and litter finger. Do massage for few minutes. Your mind becomes sharp and quick. You will get patience.

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