Importance of Agni Tatva - Fire element in Astrology

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Fire is the combination of oxygen and other elements which generates light and energy. Fire is the most effective and destructive power out of five elements. It won’t be possible to operate or destroy without fire. It is believed that fire occurs from the Dharma’s wife Vasu. 

Importance of Agni Tatva - Fire element in Astrology

Agni Tatva
There have three children. There are 49 types of fire. The eyes, shoulders, beard and hair are yellow of the fire. The body is portly and stomach is red. He rides on goat and has Akshmala. They carry power. Fire can destroy any sin and accept everything.

Fire can be used in three ways such as light, hearth and havan. Fire is used as light to worship. Fire is used as hearth for prosperity, happiness and nutritious. Fire is used in havan to get mercy from god and social welfare. You should worship fire before lighting it. You also have to worship once you use it.

Do not insult fire. Do not put wrong stuff. Never extinguish the fire with legs. You should use either water or fire to extinguish it. If you’re using Akshay fire then you should maintain purity in your home. Avoid using fire in your bedroom.

You can put fragrance stuff in fire to get prosperity. You can put havan stuff in fire to remove negative energy from the home. You should light a lamp at worship place in the evening. It increases age and concentration. You can light a lamp under basil plant. It removes problems from your marital life. You can get rid from financial problems using fire in front of mirror.

Remedy: One can get rid from Mangal dosh by choosing auspicious moment and right planet. It is not proper to marry with tree, pot or idol to get rid from Mangal dosh.

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