How to get Desire Results from Moon Planets - Astro Upay

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Moon directly relates with our mind. It gives good and bad results. It controls our hypothalamus. Moon controls our power, velocity, impulse and emotions. 

How to get Desire Results from Moon Planets - Astro Upay

Moon decides the relationship between mother and child. Moon decides our luck as well. A good Moon can control your entire horoscope.

If your hand is hard and it has above line then person face many problems due to imbalance. However, he gets opportunity to settle in abroad. They get chance to reach heights. At times, they lose because of their lack of concentration. They have to work hard.

If you have above line, as shown in the figure, then you have good intuition power. It gives your prestige and money. However, if there is mole on it then you’ll be over-confident.

If you have such line, as shown on the above figure, then you won’t get happiness from journeys. You won’t get success in pilgrims. You face financial losses.

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