Get Tired Easily - Astro Upay to Wake Up

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Everyone gets good and bad results. Planets change their constellation. Many times people get nervousness. Parents won’t understand this situation. Therefore, they think their children avoid them. Parents should trust their children by knowing their planets. You should encourage your children.

Get Tired Easily - Astro Upay to Wake Up

Get Tired Easily
People lose their courage when Moon, Mercury and Mars are impaired. They get anxiety. Children get stress and they won’t be able to concentrate on study. One can easily know from its symptoms. They get anxiety, sweat and nervous. They become angry in small matters which creates problem in breathing.

Many people won’t get sleep or get less sleep. People often go for urination due to anxiety. They might get too much hunger. One should immediately start some remedies if they can find these symptoms. It is very important to encourage him/her. People think too much about results due to Mars. However, you should avoid thinking about it when you do hard work. Also, you can do such remedies for Moon, Mercury and Mars.

Moon creates nervousness. In this case, mother should hold her child’s hand and talk with them. Children should do Anulom-Vilom for 5 minutes. You can do Bhastrika. You should concentrate on your breathe while doing it. It immediately gives your courage. You can eat orange and grapes. It gives instant energy. You can also eat jaggery and saunf. You can mix mishri in saunf. Drink water in silver glass. Cover your right hand wrist with white color thread.

People become hyper when Mercury is impaired. They also become hyper when there is impact of Saturn, Rahu or constellation’s on Mercury. Therefore, you should control yourself for balance Mercury. Drink plenty of water. You can split your work in many parts. Do not eat heavy food. You should include salad in your diet.

People think too much about results when Mars is impaired. People get tired due to weak Mars. Do not eat red chili. You can cover your wrist with red color thread. You can also cover your wrist with white, green and red color thread. You can take help from your elder brothers-sisters. You should seat with your mother. Eat jaggery and saunf to strengthen Mars.

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